Popular combination – BASE BERLIN


The small but clear combination, consisting of two furniture for the hobby seamstress. Through the drilled connecting holes, the individual furniture can be screwed together using special screws. The sewing furniture (37.11-R) is equipped with a folding revolving door that can be rotated by 270 ?, which can be applied all the way to the right side wall. With the electronically controlled RMF-easy-Softtech Lift, you can drive the machine effortlessly to the desired position height. The i-touch control panel with two Memory functions and a lock-lock function integrated into the panel completes the operation.

Consisting of the following individual furniture: 37.10 + 37.11-R
Dimensions: Total length 132.5 cm, depth 50 cm, height 75cm
Illustration in crystal white pearl, colour number 80. With the front selection in concrete look matt

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