New Generation Machine Lift

Our innovative, RMF-patented Easy-Softtech-Lift is electronically-controlled, allowing for the effortless movement of any weight of machine. This furniture comes with an i-Touch control panel and two memory functions. Plus, a 4-way plug strip and rear cable ducting provide all necessary electrical connections.

Our Simply-5 cut-out makes the furniture compatible with all household machines, including sewing machines, embroidery machines, overlock machines and coverstitch machines.

Additionally, we have replaced the plastic inserts with wooden ones, keeping a solid, flat-bed area for work.

RMF Soft-touch-lift

Multi Tables

This highly versatile sewing table can also be used as a cutting table, as its height is adjustable between 720 to 1190 mm, reducing strain on the neck and back. Featuring an uniform Simply-5 cut-out, it can be used with any type of sewing machine. An electronic Easy-Softtech Lift provides fast repositioning, and an i-Touch control panel with two memory functions and a lock button provides simple up and down movement. Furthermore, the table is equipped with a four-way power strip, allowing connection of the sewing machine and other electronics.


MULTI great oversized hinge
Boasting a large surface area of 1600 x 800mm, the Multi Great can be adjusted to multiple heights to fit your needs.


RMF Smart with Drawer in white
The Multi Smart, with dimensions of 1200mm x 800mm and multiple adjustable heights, could be the ideal solution for your sewing room.

Multi Q

RMF Multi Q-longarm image
Revolutionizing the sewing & quilting experience, the Multi Q Twist is a height-adjustable station featuring a ground-breaking 90 degree rotation feature for your sewing machine.

Design the perfect sewing room with our innovative modular furniture!

Take your creativity to the next level by designing the ideal sewing cabinet with our modular furniture. Our BASE, EXTEND & STACK series allows you to create the perfect sewing room with limitless possibilities.

Download our Room Plan and print it out, then take the pieces of furniture that appeal to you and cut them out. Arrange them on the Room Plan grid to ensure that your chosen table, cupboards, and other pieces all work well in your sewing room.


RMF New Generation Base
Our BASE Series allows you to choose a combination that works for your room. The BASE series has the advantage of lockable casters, this makes moving the cabinets very easy. Once in position, you can lock the casters to stop the cabinets from moving.


RMF New Generation Stack
Maximise the space in your sewing room with our Stack Series cabinets! This series offers a combination of cabinets that can be either on the floor or utilising the vertical space, with no casters.


RMF New Generation Extend
The EXTEND Series furniture line is designed with adjustable depth; each cabinet can be extended from 50cm to 100cm with a single plate. To secure the extension, a pull-out support system with roller-bearings is built-in. These versatile pieces provide endless possibilities to customize your interior.


RMF New Generation Stack
The RMF Original comes with our innovative Tipmatic-Lift System, capable of lifting up to 11.5 kg. It is designed to fit most domestic sewing machines, thanks to the extra-large cutout. You can even extend the cabinet behind and to the left of your machine to get more room for your projects.

Twin Tables

RMF Twin fold image
Our revolutionary sewing and quilting device enables a smooth transition from one level to another with a simple sliding and rotating mechanism. This machine can rotate 90 degrees on its lift board, providing quilting results just like those of a longarm quilting machine. We provide a free-arm insert for all types of household sewing machines, both in its original horizontal orientation or after a 90 degree rotation.

Craft Tables

RMF Sewing Furniture
This piece of furniture features two facing sewing surfaces, with a cutting table at an ergonomic height. On one side, there is storage space, while the other offers a convenient lifting mechanism for the sewing machine.

Tailor Tables

Thanks to the folding leaves, you have the power to customize the necessary space for whatever activity you desire. It is great for crafting, cutting and organizing table with the addition of the lockable casters. This makes the table extremely versatile and applicable in many different situations.

Sticker Cabinet

This distinctive cupboard has a clever organization of the accessories necessary for embroidery machines used professionally. This piece of furniture can support any weighty embroidery machine, thanks to its robust metal floor brakes and substantial casters for greater steadiness. Its superior quality and structural integrity make it a highly functional part of the set-up.


LED & Mirrors

Clearance Models

LED & Mirrors