Popular combination – STACK BUKAREST


This combination consists of six pieces of furniture and provides space for all the accessories.?Optimally stackable even in sloping ceilings.?Through the drilled connecting holes, the individual furniture can be screwed together using special screws.?These different pieces of furniture, which are also stackable, offer endless storage space for the sewing machine, ironing board, yarn, haberdashery, buttons, needles, sewing utensils, fabrics, and much more.?If required, this combination can be expanded flexibly at any time.?The bottom three drawers of the furniture (34.40-L + 34.20 + 34.20) can be equipped with various options, such as PIN bottom, pin bottom with dividers or full extension.?The individual furnishing details, such as spools, drawers with and without dividers can be seen in our photo.?The central furniture (34.40-L + 34.70-R) is equipped with the option (30.70) of a height-adjustable, extendable and swivelling ironing board.?The door stops are selectable.?Possibilities are hinged door right or left, or as separate doors mounted left and right.

Consisting of the following individual furniture: 34.70-LR + 34.40-L + 34.40-L + 34.70-R + 34.20 + 34.20
Dimensions:?Overall?length 225 cm, depth 50 cm, height 75cm (stacked 213cm)
Picture in oak Pegasus dark, color number 8

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