Sewing is a fantastic hobby to get your teeth into. But it can be slightly daunting in the beginning. With so many projects to try, a million and one techniques to learn, and different equipment to get to grips with… it’s hard to know where to start.
To help you stay motivated with your new pursuit, we’ve decided to share our wisdom about the craft. Here’s everything you need to know about sewing.

Practice is everything

Practice makes perfect as they say. And with sewing it is certainly true. No one is ever amazing at something during those early stages. But trust us, your sewing skills will improve rapidly once you’re in the swing of things.
Build up your confidence and experience by trying new techniques, attending workshops, and consulting tips and guides online.

A new project = a new opportunity to learn

It’s tempting to put off starting a new project if you’ve never completed one like it before, but it’s important to give yourself new challenges. With every new piece of sewing equipment, every new type of stitch, and every new garment attempted, you’ll learn something new.
In time, you’ll develop a valuable skill set and range of experiences. Your abilities will only grow stronger and when someone asks you for advice, you’ll have a wealth of expertise to draw from.

Invest in high-quality equipment

As a beginner, it can be tempting to get by with lacklustre kit. However, your tools make more of a difference than you would think. Invest in some great basics — like a reliable sewing machine along with quality thread, needles, pins, and sewing scissors.

Learn about textiles

Do you know your warp from your weft? While it’s a good idea to learn a range of sewing skills, think about spending some time learning about fabrics. When you understand the basics of textile construction and the properties of natural and synthetic fabrics, it will be easier to select the right materials for your project.
You’ll know which materials could cause you trouble with your sewing machine, which fabrics suit different garments, and the best stitches to use for different projects.

Use sewing furniture to create an effective work station

Sewing furniture like sewing tables, sewing storage cabinets, and sewing machine desks can revolutionise your work area. Giving you enough table space to sew and cut with precision and plenty of innovative storage to see your threads, fabrics, and kit, well-built sewing furniture can really take the stress out of sewing projects.
Pack your equipment away with ease at the end of the time and pick up where you left off whenever you want to. With wires tucked away and tools safely away from little fingers, investing in sewing furniture can help you confine your hobby to one neat, dedicated, child-proof area of the house.

Organise your space

For us, a tidy, organised space gives us a clear, focused mind. Don’t underestimate the value of keeping your sewing room neat and ready for your next project. If you’re going to be investing in some sewing furniture, why not plan your ideal layout? Our room planner will help you visualise and improve your existing set-up.

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