The TAILOR Made with even more storage space, foldable and easily movable on furniture lockable casters. This collapsible cutting table is a space saver.
By independently folding table flaps you can set up the necessary space individually. It is versatile for cutting, crafting and sorting work. Yes, even as a buffet table, it can be used by the attached casters into each room. This table, therefore, offers endless possibilities of use

On the front, it is equipped with six removable pull-outs, three of which are equipped with 12 compartments.

On the back, this piece of furniture with the two adjustable shelves BT 336 x 330mm offers additional storage space.

Optional, our TAILOR Made is available with the proven 6mm Corklinolium Plate Coating (product number 35.88)

Product number:

Table 35.99

Width Closed 480mm Open 1800mm
Depth 1000mm
Height 890mm

*Lamp in picture is not included

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