Multi GREAT with Oversized Plate



Multi GREAT with Oversized Plate. This allows you to add 400mm depth to the back of your table. The extra depth is hinged to the back of the table for your convenience.

The ultimate infinitely height-adjustable furniture in 160cm long for ergonomic work. This table adapts to any height. Whether you want to cut, sew or embroider while sitting or standing. This hobby is fun again,?back and neck tension are now a thing of the past.
The built-in electronically controlled RMF ? easy-Softtech Lift effortlessly moves any machine weight. The in-panel i-touch control panel with two memory lock positions, and an up and down function complete the operation. The uniform RMF ? Simply-5 cut-out makes the Multi GREAT Table compatible with all make and model of machines. No matter the weight of your sewing machine, overlocker or coverstitch machine our tables and cabinets will fit.

Product number:

Table 40.16


Width 1600 mm
Depth 800 mm
Height 720-1190 mm

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