Popular combination – BASE MUNCHEN

One of our most popular entry-level combination, consisting of two furniture. Through the drilled connecting holes, the individual furniture can be screwed together using special screws. The left-hand sewing furniture (37.44-L) is equipped with a folding plate which is placed on the folding revolving door. This allows the work surface to be increased 69cm to the left and right. With the electronically controlled RMF-easy-Softtech Lift, you can drive the machine effortlessly to the desired position height. The i-touch control panel with two Memory functions and a lock-lock function integrated into the panel completes the operation. On the right side is the proven pull-out container (39.80-R) which creates a practical second workplace.

Consisting of the following single furniture: 37.44-L + 37.80-R
Dimensions: Total length 212 cm (open 281 cm), depth 50 cm (open 150 cm), height 75cm
Illustration in beech Style Natural, colour number 82

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