Space always seems to be at a premium. And while you may dream of a large-format sewing table, you’re more likely to have to settle for a smaller footprint. But don’t despair. Through a combination of clever storage tricks and the right foldaway sewing cabinet, the space you have can work extra hard.

These are our top 7 space-saving tips for getting the most out of your sewing space for perfect projects every time.

Fold it away

Using a sewing table in a small space needn’t be a problem if you choose the right design. Opting for well thought out functionality, and clever features like a fold-out cutting surface and sewing machine lift can really optimise your space.

For example, the RMC Twin Table is just 160cm x 76cm. Still, it offers all the flexibility you need for sewing and quilting with doors that slide back into the table and the option to rotate the machine by 90 degrees. Once you’ve finished sewing, everything folds back into a compact cabinet in a choice of white or light oak to suit your decor.

Storage is key

If you need more storage than your sewing table provides for all those projects on the go, there are plenty of clever ideas for space-saving storage. Magazine racks are ideal for everything from fusibles and interfacing to patterns and templates. Adding strips of magnetic tape to your drawers means you can store pins, bobbins and needles with ease.

Clear under the bed or stackable boxes let you see what’s in them at a glance and help you make the most of the tiniest space. Old shoe boxes are just the right size for all those essential spools of thread, scissors and measuring tape. Or get quirky by using vintage suitcases or hatboxes for storage.

Find your niche

Wherever you choose to sit and stitch, make sure your niche has plenty of natural light and lets you sit and move comfortably when you work. You only need 1-2 sq m of space to create your own sewing room, and a good foldaway sewing cabinet and clever storage can help you get the best out of the space you have.

Make sure your sewing cabinet has casters so you can adjust the position. And choose a foldaway table that can do double duty as a desk for drafting patterns.

Make the most of your walls

Your square footage might be limited, but the chances are you have plenty of wall space for thread holders, hooks and other practical storage. For example, pegboard painted in a fresh and bright colour is a fantastic addition to your area and can be used to store accessories, haberdashery and more.

Another option is to invest in our Stack Modular sewing system. You can start small with a machine cabinet featuring our innovative New Generation Machine Lift, then stack storage cabinets against the wall. Or try our combination of wall cabinets, inlays and pinboards to create custom storage for your space and needs.

Keep it compact

When you’re working with limited space, it makes sense to keep everything to scale. So invest in a small footprint sewing table and ironing board, and don’t over clutter your area. If you have a corner to work in, try the compact Base sewing unit. Otherwise, a pull-out cabinet on casters is a space-saving choice that can be extended and then collapsed after use.

You could also keep your stash of fabrics and threads to a minimum and work on a limited number of sewing projects at a time – at least until you get more space!

Tidy as you go

So you don’t have a lot of space to play with, Then tidying as you go will help you to make the most of every inch. After all, you may be competing for space with the kids doing homework or housemates getting on with their own hobbies and crafts.

That means you need to tidy away after every sewing session and whenever you finish a project. That way, you’ll be ready for the next one without feeling that you can’t move around your limited space.

Make the most of it

Just because you don’t have a dedicated sewing room doesn’t mean your sewing corner can’t have bags of style and personality. So print off our Create Your Space room planner to get started, and don’t forget to add plenty of colour and quirky storage to make it unique.

Try embracing the challenge and coming up with creative ways to make the most of your small-scale sewing space – and keep planning for the day you’ll have a sewing room of your own!

At RMF, we help you make your own space with our range of clever and innovative sewing tables and craft storage. So download our brochure, drop in and see us at one of our showrooms or get in touch, and we’ll be happy to answer your queries.