If you don’t have the space for a sewing cabinet, a sewing machine table offers plenty of functionality and versatility. They offer plenty of table space for your sewing projects and are really space-efficient if you don’t have a dedicated sewing room.


Attaching your sewing machine to your choice of sewing machine tables is straightforward as long as you get your measurements right.


Ready to get started? Here’s how to attach your machine to your new table.


Line up the machine


You’re looking to line up the screw holes on the machine with the mounts on the table. Before you buy, check your machine for screw holes on the lower back and check the table for compatibility.


You may find you need to drill out additional holes yourself to get the machine to line up correctly.


Attach securely


Check before you start that the correct hardware is supplied with your new sewing machine desk or table. It should be supplied with the bolts, screws, and hinges you need to get the job done safely and securely.


Once you’re happy with the positioning, bolt your sewing machine in place. If you’re attaching hinges it’s easier if someone holds the machine in place while you do it.


Store your machine

Finally, you’ll be able to lower your machine into place for storage. Test the mechanism a few times to make sure it operates smoothly and you can store and position your sewing machine with ease.


Top sewing machine table tips


A sewing table is a great way to cut, sew and embroider but it’s always worth investing in new sewing tables UK machine compatible. Unless you have great woodworking skills the chances are a secondhand table will require you to drill out new holes because your machine just doesn’t fit.

If you’re on the lookout for a new sewing table why not download our catalogue today?