Portable Sewing Machine

Are you trying to create a professional sewing room with limited space?  Or an individual working with a sewing machine from home? Or maybe just looking to create a hobbyist sewing room in your spare room and really want to make the most of the space? Here are five reasons why our products will work for you, regardless of the space you are working with:

1. It is easy to plan your space. We offer a simple system that helps planning your ideal sewing space as easy as possible. Just follow these straightforward instructions which will lead you through planning a sewing room of any size using a simple pdf template to create a floor-plan so you can visualise which items from our various ranges of modular furniture, which include sewing tables, sewing machine cabinets and sewing cabinets, would work best for you.

2. We offer a range of inventive products to make your space work for you. Our various ranges of modular furniture offer a range of solutions to create a space-efficient sewing room that fits your needs. This includes folding sewing tables, foldaway sewing cabinets and moveable units on furniture casters.

3. Our products are modern, built to a high-standard and can be adjusted to fit your needs. Whether it be height-adjustable sewing tables or spacious craft cupboards, there will be something in our range that works for you.
4. We are a trusted and experienced manufacturer of sewing machine cabinets, sewing tables and sewing cupboards that have been manufacturing products for over 50 years.


5. You can come and see the quality of our sewing tables and other modular furniture yourself. Take a look at our website to see where and when we will be showcasing our products at events across the UK, check the locations of our two UK showrooms or fill in the contact form to get through to us directly. Alternatively have a look at our Facebook or Instagram pages to see more images of the products and how other customers have used them.