Choosing a sewing cupboard in the UK is the ultimate luxury for a dedicated sewer. As you grow in confidence and your projects grow in complexity, you need a space for your machine, accessories, thread, materials and more. And nothing is better for keeping everything organised than your own sewing cabinet.

But why do you need a sewing cupboard, and how can you choose the best one for your space and needs? Read on and find out!

Why Do You Need a Sewing Cupboard?

If you’re bitten by the Sewing Bee bug and you’re getting serious about needlework, a sewing cabinet lets you get organised. It enables you to keep all your projects in one place. You’ll save time because you’ll know precisely where to find your scissors, thread and material. And your home will benefit too — no more sewing clutter on every surface.

Do you spend a long time sewing? If so, then having your machine at the right height can make a massive difference to your comfort and posture. And there’s nothing like having your own space to really unlock your creative side!

What To Look For In a Sewing Cupboard


If you already own a sewing table, then you’ll know that lack of storage can be an issue. Sewing machine tables are great when space is tight, but a sewing cabinet is an intelligent choice when you need to keep your machine, materials, accessories and threads organised.

Modular furniture is a great choice when you’re just starting sewing, as you can add extra storage as you go. Our Base Modular system lets you combine the pieces you need that suit the way you sew to create the ideal sewing station. Just start with a base sewing machine cabinet and storage cupboard, then add on coordinating pieces as you need them.

Stability and Comfort

Choosing a rock-solid cabinet that won’t wobble or move around as you sew is essential. It should be able to withstand the power and vibrations of your machine working flat out. Ideally, you want something adjustable if your floors aren’t entirely level.

Our Multi-Great cabinet not only packs in clever storage but is completely configurable for your ultimate comfort. And the easy to use Easy-Softtech Lift with touch controls means your sewing machine is always locked securely in place. If you love to quilt, the Multi-Q has ergonomic foot and pedal panels so you can work with ease.

Space and Work Area

The available space for your sewing cabinet will, to some extent, dictate how big your cupboard can be. But the type of sewing projects you enjoy can also influence the size of the work area you need. For example, a fold-out worktop can make short work of curtains and quilts, giving you plenty of space to measure, pin and cut with greater accuracy.

We’ve mentioned the Multi-Q, which has been specifically designed for quilting. But if tailoring is your thing, our Tailor-Made cupboards (with or without the Corklinolium Plate Coating for effortless cutting and pinning out) are a dream to use. With masses of storage for your tailoring projects and a substantial fold-out cutting surface, it could even double up as a buffet table.

Weight and Mobility

When purchasing a sewing cupboard in the UK, you’re investing in a substantial piece of furniture. But don’t be fooled that weight equals quality. A huge, heavy cabinet can quickly become inconvenient and dominate your space. Unfortunately, unless you have a dedicated sewing room, then chances are you’ll have to make do with a corner of the living room or bedroom.

Opt for a cabinet that’s mounted on wheels for mobility. All our sewing machine tables and cabinets are caster mounted, so you can move them effortlessly to wherever you want to sew.


A multipurpose sewing and crafting cabinet puts all your creative endeavours within easy reach. If you want to start getting into quilting or pattern making, then a sewing cupboard with a fold-out worktop doubles up easily to give you the space you need. And don’t forget how Instagrammable your new sewing storage cabinet will look with everything organised and ready to go!

For sheer versatility, the Twin Fix is difficult to beat. Designed to rotate through 90 degrees so you can use it for sewing and piecing and then free motion quilting, this multipurpose cabinet also features the New Generation Lift. This feature makes it ideal for heavier long arm machines.

Alternatively, try the Craft Space cabinet combined with your sewing table to create a genuinely multipurpose workspace.

Choose The Right Sewing Cabinet With RMF

With RMF sewing furniture, you can create your own space just the way you like it. Print off our room planner to help you choose the best sewing cabinet for you. You’re also welcome to come and see our sewing cabinets in action at our showroom. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook!