Are you new to sewing? Creating your own garments, homeware and gifts can be a delightful and rewarding hobby. Knowing where to start can seem daunting at first. But don’t worry, here are some beginner’s sewing projects that will help you build your confidence, learn new techniques and create some beautiful pieces. 


Essential equipment

Before we get into the projects themselves, here are some essential pieces of equipment that will make your sewing experience more efficient, enjoyable and successful.


Sewing machine 

While you can create some lovely garments and items by sewing by hand, a top-quality sewing machine can save you time and ensure consistent results. There are lots of different machines available, so it’s good to do a little research into which have the features you want.


Sewing machine table

Having plenty of space is vital for accurate sewing. Investing in a sewing table can give you a dedicated area to work on. An adjustable sewing machine table will allow you to cut, sew, and embroider sitting down or standing up. You can set the table to the height that suits you to help prevent backache and neck strain, ultimately making your sewing experience more enjoyable.


Good quality thread

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting into the sewing rhythm and having your thread snap. Keep the momentum going by investing in good quality thread that will stay strong as you stitch.


Sewing cabinet

Planning to sew regularly? A sewing cabinet can help you stay organised. You can keep all your materials and unfinished projects stored neatly away and won’t need to root around in a cluttered box to find what you need! Cabinets on casters make moving your equipment and materials easy and convenient.

If you’re tight on space, you might want to consider a foldaway sewing cabinet. Our Extend cabinets feature fold-out panels that can give you extra space when you need it and fold down when not in use.


Sharp fabric scissors 

Proper sewing scissors with sharp blades will give you cleaner cuts on your fabric and avoid any snagging.


Tailor’s chalk

When you need to draw out patterns, tailor’s chalk is the best temporary marker. It will help you get neat panels that fit perfectly together.

For more advice on getting started, take a look at our guide: how to start sewing for beginners.


Sewing projects for beginners

It can take time to develop your sewing skills and these beginner’s projects will help you learn new techniques such as hemming and adding zips. They’ll put you in good stead for moving on to more complex garments.


1. Hair scrunchies 

If you’re looking for a small project with quick results, these cute hair scrunchies from The Spruce Crafts are the perfect starting point. You can use any fabric you have lying around and you’ll learn how to ruche fabric and work with seam allowances.


2. An apron

With its simple shape, an apron is a great beginner’s project. Paper & Stitch have a delightful ten-minute DIY apron that will give you the chance to practice hemming with your sewing machine. Remember, a sewing machine table will give you space to work on larger pieces like this.


3. Baby bibs

A cute gift for any expectant parent! Mary Martha Mama’s baby bib pattern is ideal for new crafters. It’s got a simple shape but will help you learn how to back fabric and attach Velcro or snap fastenings.


4. An infinity scarf

These scarves are essentially made from a tube of fabric and the twisted structure looks deceptively complex. This infinity scarf project from The Cottage Mama is an excellent way to practice using lightweight fabrics.


5. Patchwork placemats

Have you got a range of small fabric pieces that you don’t want to go to waste? Patchwork projects are ideals, and this patchwork placemat tutorial is a nice introduction to quilting. You’ll need to explore binding so you can finish off the raw edges. 


6. A pencil case or makeup bag

Are you keen to learn how to add zips to your sewing projects? Fastenings can seem fiddly at first, so practising on smaller pieces, like a pencil case or makeup bag can be beneficial. When you feel you’ve got the technique, you can move on to adding zips to skirts, trousers or other garments. These zipper pencil pouch instructions from Positively Splendid offer a handy starting point.


7. Face masks

These days, having a face mask on hand is always helpful. Why not try this simple face mask tutorial from Crazy Little Projects? Patterned or plain, It gives you the chance to choose a fabric you love and accessorise your mask with your outfits! You can try making them in different sizes for extra practice.


Sewing machine tables from RMF

Once you get sewing, we’re sure you’ll be keen crafters just like us! 

We have a range of sewing machine cabinets and tables that can help keep your materials safe and organised so you can focus on developing your skills. Browse our range and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.