Whether you’re already a serious sewer or want to take your sewing hobby to the next level, it’s good to have a serious think about your sewing set-up — and whether you can take it to the next level.

At RMF, we know a thing or two about storage, so we thought we’d be the best people to give you some pointers. Here are our five ways to maximise your sewing storage cabinet.

Invest in the best set-up

The best way to maximise your sewing storage is to invest in an overall setup that works for you. The first step to creating your ideal set-up? Get your room in order. The key reason you’re organising your storage cabinet is to make your life easier, right? So why not apply that same logic to your entire sewing room. A neat, logical, and easy to navigate workroom will make every project that much more enjoyable!

Our printable room planner makes it easy to design your space and visualise the sewing furniture that you’re interested in. Just cut out the furniture and place it on our grid room plan.

Choose your ideal sewing cabinets

This leads to our next point! If you’re in the market for a new sewing storage cabinet, shop around and make sure you’re choosing the right furniture for your needs. High-quality sewing machine cabinets and other furniture can be an investment, but get it right and you’ll have pieces you love that will stand the test of time.

If you’re a serious sewing enthusiast, it’s unlikely that just one sewing cabinet will be able to meet your needs. Plus, it’s quite common to use a combination of different sewing furniture pieces to create a highly functional space.

Our BASE, EXTEND, and STACK modular furniture series offer endless options for you to design your ideal sewing space. While our BASE series boasts features such as lockable casters, our EXTEND cabinets come with plates that can be raised at the back, and our STACK series allows you to utilise the height of your sewing room.

With a range of compatible storage options, you can create a storage and work set-up that’s perfect for your needs and your room shape.

Prioritise your space

This might seem like a simple tip, but after you have your new sewing cabinets installed in your room, you can maximise your set-up by prioritising your space.

Organise your storage so that you have your most-used tools and materials in nearby cabinets close to your main workstation. This way you can spend more time creating, and less time running around your room. You might need to refine this over time, as you realise what tools can be tucked away and what you need on hand at all times.

Stay on top of your organisation

If you let your workspace get messy and cluttered, even the best sewing storage cabinets won’t help you feel in control of your surroundings. When sewing, a clear space is everything!

Keep your materials neatly organised in logical places, and keep things labelled if you can. Aim to make your workspace so navigable that an outsider could easily find their way around it.

Get some professional advice

Lastly, it’s always worth talking through your options with someone who has been involved in lots of sewing space renovation projects, and really knows what they’re doing.

If you’d like to see some of our sewing machine desks and cabinet examples in person, get in touch. Right now, we’re only open by appointment. But, of course, we’d also be happy to talk you through our products over the phone.

We’ve been manufacturing sewing tables and cabinets for over 50 years now. So whatever query you have, we guarantee that we can help!